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Stride App Support Service-Level Agreement

Agreement Overview:
The Stride Support Lab is committed to providing comprehensive and timely support to users of the Stride app and its associated integrations. Our Lifeguards, who are expert support agents, are available to assist users through our Discord support ticketing system. This SLA outlines the level of support users can expect when interacting with the Stride Support Lab.

Support Channels and Availability:
Lifeguards are available Monday through Friday throughout the day, depending on their timezone. Anticipate quickest responses between 6AM-Midnight PT. Lifeguards are active and prepared for assistance in the #support chat, #general chat, and relevant announcement channels.

For direct technical support, users can open a support ticket from the page using the widget in the bottom right corner. To open a ticket from Discord, visit the #support-ticket channel. You may verify that those providing support are Lifeguards by viewing their exclusive "Lifeguard" role on Discord.

Support Ticket Process:
Support tickets are private channels created using the Mava bot, which you can open directly from the Support Lab homepage or from the Support section in Discord. A Lifeguard will connect with the user, who is requested to provide a clear description of their issue, relevant screenshots, and wallet addresses for most effective assistance.

Support tickets are only visible to the user and Stride team members for privacy. If an issue requires specialized attention, a Stride team member may join the ticket for additional clarification.

Resolution Time:
Support agents will respond to all tickets within 6 hours of the initial message.
Tickets involving common issues are resolved within 24 hours.

Complex issues, such as chain-related problems, require extended resolution time.

Common Support Topics:
Lifeguards can assist with a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Wallet connectivity troubleshooting
  • Stride app usage guidance
  • Integration interface navigation support
  • Unstaking and unbonding processes
  • IBC transaction assistance
  • Airdrop claiming help
  • Resolution of chain issues or slowdowns (expect longer response times)

Quality Assurance:
Lifeguards are dedicated to delivering respectful, direct, and professional support. User feedback is important, and we encourage users to close their support tickets once their issues are resolved. For more precise data, users may find a basic survey or satisfaction check at the end of the ticket.

Security and Privacy:
The Stride Support Lab prioritizes security and privacy by ensuring server security protocols are in place to safeguard information and assets, regularly audited by Lifeguards. Bots are employed to protect user information and ensure a secure environment for information sharing.

Unsuitable Topics for Support Tickets:
Please refrain from using the support ticket feature for business offers, collaborations, spam, or discussions regarding price speculation. Users interested in collaborating with Stride should visit the #offers channel in the Resources category on Discord or send a message to [email protected].

Plan for Unmet Goals:
If support goals are not met, the Stride Support Lab is committed to identifying areas for improvement and taking corrective actions promptly. We continuously monitor our support processes to enhance user experiences.

Feedback and Improvements:
We value user feedback to improve our support services. If you have suggestions or concerns about the Stride Support Lab, please share them in the appropriate channels, and we will carefully consider your input.

By using the Stride Support Lab services, you agree to adhere to this SLA. Your satisfaction and successful use of the Stride app are our primary goals, and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Last updated: 1-9-2024