Stride: The Liquid Staking Zone

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Stride is a blockchain ("zone") that provides liquidity for staked tokens. Using Stride, you can earn both staking and DeFi yields across the Cosmos IBC ecosystem. Read our "Meet Stride" blog post to learn more about why we built Stride.

Users can liquid stake their tokens on any Cosmos chain using Stride (a sovereign zone).

Currently, Stride supports liquid staking for:

  • Cosmos Hub (stATOM)
  • Osmosis (stOSMO)
  • Juno (stJUNO)
  • Stargaze (stSTARS)
  • Evmos (stEVMOS)
  • Terra 2 (stLUNA)
  • Injective (stINJ)
  • Umee (stUMEE)
  • Comdex (stCMDX)
  • IBCX (stIBCX)
  • Sommelier (stSOMM)

Users receive staked tokens immediately when they liquid stake. Rewards accumulate in real time to staked token holders. These staked tokens can be freely traded, and can be redeemed with Stride at any time to receive back native tokens plus staking rewards.

On the backend, Stride permissionlessly stakes these tokens on the host chain and compounds user rewards.Users continue to earn staking yield, and can earn additional yield by lending, LPing, and more.

Users can always redeem from Stride. When they redeem, Stride initiates unbonding on the host zone. Once the unbonding period elapses, users receive native tokens in their wallets.

The process to onboard new chains is simple; anyone can propose onboarding a new chain through a governance vote, which will automatically onboard the new chain if passed.

Stride plans to rapidly expand reach throughout the Cosmos ecosystem. The chains and tokens that we plan to onboard in the next 12 months year are:

Secret (stSCRT), Kava (stKAVA), Oasis (stROSE), Axelar (stAXL), Akash (stAKT), Regen (stREGEN), Sommelier (stSOMM), Band (stBAND), dYdX (stDYDX), , Kujira (stKUJI), E-Money (stNGM), Crypto.Org (stCRO), Sifchain (stEROWAN), Crescent Network (stCRE), MediBloc (stMED), Persistence (stXPRT), Iris (stIRIS), AssetMantle (stMNTL), Sentinel (stDVPN), BitSong (stBTSG), Cheqd (stCHEQ), Chihuahua (stHUAHUA), KiChain (stXKI), Ixo (stIXO), Microtick (stTICK), Fetch.Ai (stFET), Konstellation (stDARC), Desmos (stDSM), Bitcanna (stBCNA), Lum Network (stLUM), Bostrom (stBOOT), Likecoin (stLIKE), Dig Chain (stDIG), RiZON (stATOLO), OmniFlix (stFLIX), Decentr (stDEC), Vidulum (stVDL), Altered Carbon (stACB), Shentu (stCTK), and others.

Many more tokens will launch in the cosmos ecosystem over the coming months and years. Stride plans to support all IBCv3-compatible tokens as “st”-Tokens.

Stride is built using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint and created with Ignite. Under the hood, Stride leverages:

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