Getting Started as a Developer

Getting Started as a Developer

Installing Stride

To install the latest version of Stride blockchain node binary, execute the following command on your machine:

git clone

Test your installation by navigating to the stride directory and executing:

make start-docker build=sgjotr

The build command installs dependencies, builds, initializes, and starts your blockchain in development mode. You should see logs bring printed to your shell.

If you have any issues with installation, please reach out to our team on Discord.

You can learn more about the install process here or reference these helpful resources:

Developing on Stride

Developers who wish to develop on Stride can easily spin up 3 Stride nodes, 3 Gaia nodes, 1 Hermes relayer and 1 interchain-queries relayer. The Gaia nodes simulate the Cosmos Hub (Gaia) zone in local development node, and the relayers allow Stride zone to interact with that instance of Gaia.

The fastest way to develop on Stride is local development mode.

Set up local development mode

Install the required git submodule dependencies (gaia, hermes, interchain-queries).

git submodule update --init

Build executables, initialize state, and start the network with

make init-local build=sghi

You can optionally pass build arguments to specify which binary to rebuild

  1. s This will re-build the Stride binary (default)
  2. g This will re-build the Gaia binary
  3. h This will re-build the Hermes binary
  4. i This will re-build the ICQ binary

Example: make init-local build=sg, this will:

  • Rebuild the Stride and Gaia binarys
  • Start 1 Stride and 1 Gaia node in the background
  • Start Hermes and ICQ Relayers

You can optionally pass cache=true to restore the state from a backup instead of re-intializing it.

To bring down the chain, execute:

make stop


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. We also welcome all discussion in #engineering or #questions in our Discord.