Getting Involved

You may be wondering how you can stay connected, get project updates, or explore opportunities to contribute. The solution is simple: join our community and participate in governance!

Stride continues to grow and develop into a stronger project because of the dedication and engagement of our vibrant community. Our community members have provided the foundation we needed to gain momentum in the Cosmos ecosystem. Our community has supported us by running validators during the testnet, offering feedback and suggestions for the project throughout its evolution, supporting users in the online servers, creating tutorials and translations, participating in governance, spreading the word about us, and so much more. To connect directly with other Stride users and receive technical support and/or participate in liquid staking-related discussion, join 18,000+ others in our Discord community!

To get the most out of what Stride has to offer you, check out our other online community spaces and stay up to date on the latest news from the team, upcoming integrations, governance proposals, and community events. Check out the links below:

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Validator Discussions
Join Discord → Request the "Validator" role → Join the validator channels!

Governance Discussions
Commonwealth - Discussion Threads, Polls, + Proposals
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