All Users: Start Here

Welcome to Stride. To help you get the most out of your Stride experience, we have provided this documentation to support the development of your understanding of and success using the Stride protocol to liquid stake your assets and launch you into your DeFi activity.


Having launched just this past September, our community has grown exponentially to include many different types of Cosmos users. For the purpose of helping to guide your process, we have identified and designed a suggested User Flow for three broad categories of users:

New Cosmonauts
This is you if you are new to the Cosmos ecosystem or to the concepts of DeFi, (liquid) staking, etc. You may have not heard of liquid staking assets nor know how, so we have provided a pool of educational resources on Cosmos, DeFi, and (Liquid) Staking. After reviewing these, we’ll walk you through liquid staking step-by-step in the Active Cosmonauts section.

Active Cosmonauts
This is you if you are active in the Cosmos ecosystem or run a validator in the network, have explored other projects and/or are familiar with liquid staking, DeFi use cases, etc. You may or may not have liquid staked using Stride before, so we provide guidance on the liquid staking process, as well as an in-depth overview of relevant topics including unbonding, adding liquidity, Stride tokenomics, and how to participate in Stride governance. If you are interested in setting up a validator, check out Advanced Topics.

Advanced Users
If you are a long-time Cosmos enthusiast, have direct involvement in other projects, and/or want to contribute ideas to cutting edge discussions in the community, look through the resources below to see what other thought leaders in the ecosystem are saying. Be vocal, contribute ideas, and help shape the future of Cosmos.

Depending on the type of Stride user you are, explore the resources contained in the following sections and enjoy the start of your liquid staking journey!