Integrate Liquid Staking

Using the x/autopilot module, protocols can offer Stride liquid staking easily within their own dApp. Users who visit the partner protocol's frontend only need to sign a single transaction to liquid stake from any chain in Cosmos.

Autopilot abstracts away the IBC bridging step so that a user can sign a single ibc-transfer to liquid stake. The user describes their intent within the IBC memo field, where they specify the action they wish to perform via Stride (in this case, that's LiquidStake).

Leap Wallet is an early adopter who offers liquid staking directly in their dashboard (check it out).

To enable liquid staking in your dApp, prompt an ibc-transfer to Stride with a memo in the following format:

    "autopilot": {
          "receiver": "strideXXX", 
          "stakeibc": {
               "action": "LiquidStake",

For more details on Autopilot, please see the full documentation.