The StakeIBC Module

The StakeIBC Module contains Stride's main app logic:

  • it exposes core liquid staking entry points to the user (liquid staking and redeeming)
  • it executes automated beginBlocker and endBlocker logic to stake funds on relevant host zones using Interchain Accounts
  • it handles registering new host zones and adjusting host zone validator sets and weights
  • it defines Stride's core data structures (e.g. hostZone)
  • it defines all the callbacks used when issuing Interchain Account logic

Nearly all of Stride's functionality is built using interchain accounts (ICAs), which are a new functionality in Cosmos, and a critical component of IBC. ICAs allow accounts on Zone A to be controlled by Zone B. ICAs communicate with one another using Interchain Queries (ICQs), which involve Zone A querying Zone B for relevant information.

Two Zones communicate via a connection and channel. All communications between the Controller Zone (the chain that is querying) and the Host Zone (the chain that is being queried) is done through a dedicated IBC channel between the two chains, which is opened the first time the two chains interact.

For context, ICS standards define that each channel is associated with a particular connection, and a connection may have any number of associated channels.


DepositInterval (default uint64 = 1)
DelegateInterval (default uint64 = 1)
ReinvestInterval (default uint64 = 1)
RewardsInterval (default uint64 = 1)
RedemptionRateInterval (default uint64 = 1)
StrideCommission (default uint64 = 10)
ICATimeoutNanos(default uint64 = 600000000000)
BufferSize (default uint64 = 5)
IbcTimeoutBlocks (default uint64 = 300)
FeeTransferTimeoutNanos (default uint64 = 1800000000000)
DefaultMinRedemptionRateThreshold (default uint64 = 90)
DefaultMaxRedemptionRateThreshold (default uint64 = 150)
MaxStakeICACallsPerEpoch (default uint64 = 100)
IBCTransferTimeoutNanos (default uint64 = 1800000000000)
MinRedemptionRates (default uint64 = 90)
MaxRedemptionRates (default uint64 = 150)
ValidatorSlashQueryThreshold (default uint64 = 1)

Keeper functions

  • LiquidStake()
  • RedeemStake()
  • ClaimUndelegatedTokens()
  • RebalanceValidators()
  • AddValidators()
  • ChangeValidatorWeight()
  • DeleteValidator()
  • RegisterHostZone()
  • ClearBalance()
  • RestoreInterchainAccount()
  • UpdateValidatorSharesExchRate()



  • SplitDelegation
  • DelegateCallback
  • ClaimCallback
  • ReinvestCallback
  • UndelegateCallback
  • RedemptionCallback
  • Rebalancing
  • RebalanceCallback


  • HostZone
  • ICAAccount
  • MinValidatorRequirements

Host Zone Validators

  • Validator
  • ValidatorExchangeRate


  • GenesisState
  • EpochTracker
  • Delegation


  • AddValidatorsProposal


  • QueryInterchainAccountFromAddress
  • QueryParams
  • QueryGetValidators
  • QueryGetHostZone
  • QueryAllHostZone
  • QueryModuleAddress
  • QueryGetEpochTracker
  • QueryAllEpochTracker
  • QueryGetNextPacketSequence


stakeibc module emits the following events:

Type: Attribute Key → Attribute Value

registerHostZone: module → stakeibc
registerHostZone: connectionId → connectionId
registerHostZone: chainId → chainId
submitHostZoneUnbonding: hostZone → chainId
submitHostZoneUnbonding: newAmountUnbonding → totalAmtToUnbond
stakeExistingDepositsOnHostZone: hostZone → chainId
stakeExistingDepositsOnHostZone: newAmountStaked → amount
onAckPacket (IBC): module → moduleName
onAckPacket (IBC): ack → ackInfo