LSM - Liquid Staking from Natively Staked Balance

An Overview on How Stride Leverages the Liquid Staking Module and Further Reading

The Liquid Staking Module (LSM), originally developed by Iqlusion, adds native liquid staking to the Cosmos SDK. Delegators on chains that implement the LSM can instantly convert their staked tokens to liquid staked validator shares. These validator shares can then be instantly rehypothecated by liquid staking providers like Stride into liquid staked tokens.


Currently, the only chain that has enabled the liquid staking module is the Cosmos Hub. As a result, ATOM delegators can instantly convert their staked ATOM to stATOM on the Stride app without waiting for the 21 day unstaking period by clicking the "pull from natively staked balance" toggle before initiating the liquid staking transaction.

Further Reading

For a deeper dive on LSM functionality, see the following resources: